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Why Choose TPC for Staff Augmentation Consulting?

Staff augmentation is the strategic arm of outsourcing. When used as a reinvestment strategy, it can tremendously help deliver an ROI for any small or large-scale projects.

Unfortunately, today’s staff augmentation providers are more like headhunters who often don’t consider factors beyond roles and skills (i.e. the business or project objectives).

As a strategic partner who understands the unique characteristics of your business, we can envision the future of staff augmentation as a space where resource acquisition will guide business growth.

Our renewed approach is inspired by the work of Ramnath Chellapa of Emory University on cloud computing. With the right team, this approach can boost productivity and efficiency, deliver product code in record time, transform the user experience, and improve ROI.

We’ll explain why below.

However, we’d first like to highlight our collaborative, supportive, and positive work culture at TPC. We invest time in knowing our team members and what is important to them by encouraging transparency and open communication.

We connect to the human side, the personal side.

You will never forget your journey with TPC, no matter how long or how short it is.

Not Your Standard Staff Augmentation Provider

Today, hiring using staff augmentation (via an in-house or outside recruiter) has become a one-size-fits-all approach.

All similarly qualified developers have become interchangeable. Furthermore, the providers don’t give businesses any control over the developer.

Instead, many providers simply offer a turnkey, generic approach—a simple plug-and-play solution that doesn’t account for the project’s actual needs.

This approach gives rise to notable long-term issues. Companies end up handing over control to developers they are unfamiliar with and who may not be suitably skilled for projects.

Another issue, both for the business and developers, is that this plug-and-play system promotes “work for the sake of work”.

Developers aren’t paired with businesses based on special skills or experience. Any developer can take on a project. This becomes mere routine work and developers do not refine or specialize their skills.

As a result, they miss out on the salary and career benefits that come with niche expertise.

Businesses also miss out on the impact that having an expert in their niche could offer other projects.

An ideal approach includes analyzing your needs and business goals first. This allows you to find a suitable developer for your software production process.

For an in-depth view of how we achieve this, read our post on how TPC can grow your company’s team through staff augmentation.

A New Solution: Product-Led Teaming (PLT)

At Total Performance Consulting, we believe that the scaling of a team should be customized, well-planned, and based on a detailed analysis of your product lifecycle.

How PLT Works
  • Prioritize industry experience – Your team achieves higher productivity and efficiency.
  • Building teams not filling roles – Filling roles one by one is time-consuming and creates friction within continuous development, especially during the early stages of product evolution.
  • Align business objectives – Working closely with product leaders, talent acquisition and other internal stakeholders builds a thorough understanding of desired business objectives, processes, issues, highlights, and low points. Not to mention, a significant impact on the quality of work and time to production.
Why PLT Works

This system is proven to work, evidenced by the quality of service we offer at TPC. It works because it:

  • Reduces the cost of staff augmentation – Hiring developers one by one is costly.
  • Removes the burden on the developer to learn or know the business requirements – Instead, as a provider, you select a developer who already has an understanding or fits a project. That way, they can focus entirely on engineering or computing with the right foundation backing them.
  • Brings developers with industry experience to the client – Usually, developers with the right experience are difficult to find and hire, except for very niche specialties.

Total Performance Consulting: Pioneering Product-Led Teaming

When a business seeks staff to join or assist on a project, they have specific needs for that individual. The project itself may also have particular requirements. These “eligibility requirements” limit the pool of suitable developers.

Beyond the business requirements, there are also specific developer characteristics that matter. These include the field of expertise, experience, knowledge, skillset, etc. Each characteristic further constrains developer options in the search for ideal candidates.

All these details are what make developers unequal. There are those who would be able to provide top productivity and efficiency for a project. And then, there are those who would simply be filling a role, completing uninspired routine work.

We at TPC, always aim to connect businesses with developers that are head and shoulders above the rest. We analyze business needs and processes, identify gaps in your current team, and build you the best team in record time.

We don’t just pick any random developer and slot them into a position.

Often, we go beyond our client’s expectations, pointing out missing elements in their team that they were not aware of and providing the right developers to fill these gaps.

How We Beat the Competition

“We put people first. No, it’s not a cliche. We actually do it.”

You can expect us to:

  • Seek to understand your application’s user experience. We do this by analyzing your user journey and creating an optimal user experience.
  • Encourage and support your business’ scalability.
  • Provide a roadmap of the evolution of skills and resources needed for your desired business objectives.
  • Support you through the software development process.
  • Provide complex automation for software quality assurance.
  • Conduct intricate manual tests to maintain product quality and user experience.
  • Offer an expert team to assist you in performance engineering, resource acquisition, software development, etc.

At TPC, we connect with our people from the beginning to get to know each other better. We believe our people are worth investing time and energy in building strong relationships.

We create a strong culture of connection and collaboration. This culture allows us to better support our team and additionally provide better services to our clients.

Our Values

  • We are committed to building trusting, long-lasting relationships with our team.
  • We stay engaged and encourage open and honest communication where ideas are heard and support is readily given.
  • We are mindful and authentic in our approach to HR, where traditional HR embraces the needs and wants of today.
  • Our goal is for everyone to feel valued, appreciated, and accepted.
Everyone Deserves an Opportunity To Succeed

We understand that what works for one person may not work for another. That’s why we take the time to get to know each team member and what motivates them.

By understanding our team member’s strengths and challenges we can partner with them to navigate success in their own unique way.

We understand that our team members have families outside of their work community, and personal challenges may arise.

As a company, we stay intentionally and mindfully engaged to ensure our team gets the support they need in managing both home and work challenges.

We Invest in Our People

At TPC, we know that no two people are alike.

Everyone has different needs and perspectives, so we listen to and respect the uniqueness of each team member. We collaborate with our team members to find solutions that fit each individual need and avoid a one-size-fits-all approach.

Not Just a Workplace

Virtual social events such as Gamer’s Meet-Up, Co-Working spaces, Charity events, Zoom lunches, and much more provide opportunities to share common interests with the feeling of being in the same office.

We even have the “Family” Slack channel where we can connect every day for a shout-out to liven up Monday mornings, or celebrate Friday afternoons!

Our Team Is Our Family

We believe it’s not just a job; it’s our work community.

At TPC, we believe that lasting relationships are built on trust, integrity, engagement, and commitment. We’re continuously evolving as a company and our commitment to our team members and our clients is equally important.

Simply put, we’re fully aware that a positive company culture is invaluable.

What Our Team Members Have To Say

We are proud to say that our unique approach to our people and work culture has received nothing but positive feedback. People appreciate our personal attention, and they know that we genuinely care about their happiness and success.

TPC - Words From Our Team Members


Staff augmentation can increase your organization’s capacity, help you meet demand, and provide you with necessary, specialized skill sets. If you’re ready to experience an efficient way to scale up your output on specific projects and find better alignment with your long-term goals, schedule a free consultation with us.


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