#TrendingSoftware: JMeter 5.2, Lighthouse CI, GTmetrix

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#TrendingSoftware is our new weekly blog post where we share trending software with you to keep you up to date on the latest software news. This week, we’re looking at JMeter 5.2, Lighthouse CI, and GTmetrix! 

JMeter 5.2 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Apache JMeter it is an open-source, 100% pure Java app that allows you to perform load tests and get feedback on performance. Originally it was only available for testing web apps, but it now features many more functions.

In one of its latest updates JMeter 5.2 brings bug fixes as well as product improvements. Subscribe to our blog and stay tuned for an upcoming article which will highlight all the changes in JMeter 5.2. 

Lighthouse CI

Google Lighthouse is a very useful performance measurement tool which has been around for a while; if you are interested in finding out how it can help, and how to use it, feel free to read our article. It is an open-source tool which allows you to figure out which parameters you can work on to improve the quality of your web age. It will inform you on aspects such as load times, SEO, and accessibility. 

Recently, Google launched Lighthouse CI (the alpha version). This product is essentially a continuous integration tool, allowing you to receive Lighthouse reports on all commits, continuously. This will enable you to receive several reports indicating the results of each audit, and compare it to previous ones. 


If you are looking for an alternative tool to Lighthouse, or simply another open-source tool to add to your toolbelt, you should consider GTmetrix. This free tool allows you to analyse your page’s speed. In addition, this tool will allow you to receive daily reports and set “alerts” for when your page’s speed either goes over or under a certain amount of time. 

Are you building your own software, about to launch an application, or needing performance testing in general? 

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