TiM UI – A Proprietary Solution from Total Performance Consulting

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TiM UI - A Proprietary Solution from Total Performance Consulting

Automation testing is using a tool to run tests repeatedly to ensure quality. An automation testing tool is a software that automates an application’s running tests. It will execute scripts, click through a GUI, or interact with an API to test and verify functionality. TiM UI is a software solution from Total Performance Consulting that does more than just automation testing.

Features of TiM UI

TiM UI is a BDD (Behaviour Driven Development Tool) built on Selenium and Python. Low-level technical knowledge is sufficient to run TiM and it has a natural language construct. TiM UI facilitates ease of scripting test cases by allowing the users of the UI to write test cases directly into the application.

Overview of TiM UI Framework

TiM UI Framework comprises 4 layers:

UI Layer – The UI Layer consists of plain text use cases which are BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) test cases. The users can directly write or make changes to the application through this UI layer.

Test Layer – In the test layer, BDD implementation happens. Non-BDD test cases can be implemented as well.

Business Layer – The business layer holds the page/element definitions. The definitions are in *.json files. The business layer also holds the APIs and application logic for the changes made by the users to reflect in the application.

Base Layer – The base layer handles the browser interactions, DB interactions, and web services.

Advantages of TiM UI

One of the major advantages of TiM UI is that people who don’t understand complex coding (non-programmers) can automate scripts and bring about changes in the application. Though complex coding is involved in the tool, users don’t necessarily need to understand all of them to work on this UI. They can directly write a piece of script using natural language into the application.

Gherkins with reusable steps and elements being selectable, clickable, writable & readable are the other major advantages of TiM UI. With TiM UI, any functionality can be tested and it’s easier to test end-to-end scenarios.

Case Study

A client had been using an automation tool for a couple of years and was not satisfied with the performance. Total Performance Consulting implemented the TiM UI solution for this client.

The former issues that this client was facing were:

• Maintenance of existing scripts was complicated and it took a lot of time

• Not all the functionalities were covered by the existing tool

• New automation builds had issues with bugs

• They couldn’t run end to end without failing

• Limitation to run test cases on Jenkins on demand

• Limited actions/commands

• Limited support to only one client tool

• No exclusive E2E solution

TiM UI came in as a customized solution for this client. Ease of script maintenance, implementation, and testing of any functionality, no limitations on running any test cases, and a complete E2E customizable solution. All the drawbacks faced by this client with the former automation tools were taken care of by TiM UI.

Wrapping Up…
Automation testing tools are a savior for many development teams. They help developers to test their code in a fast and effective way. Automation testing tools are also cost-effective, as they can be used repeatedly or on a large scale. Finding a single tool that is the best for all types of automation testing is impossible. The best way to choose the right tool for your needs is to identify your requirements and then research the available tools. TiM UI comes in as a handy customizable automation tool. It is best suited for non-programmers and allows users to delete, add, make a drop-down option, and more without the need for extensive and complex coding. This makes TiM UI a complete E2E and user-friendly automation solution. Looking for an automation testing solution? Total Performance Consulting is a one-stop solution for you then! We have an expert automation testing team and can create custom solutions as per your requirements. Reach out to us now! Let’s do automation testing together!


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