QUEST 2019 – Come Meet Total Performance!

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quest 2019

QUEST 2019 - Come Meet Total Performance!

Post-QUEST 2019 Update: 

We had an absolute blast at QUEST 2019 (check out our experience in the video above)! The city of Chicago was fantastic and welcoming as always, and we loved meeting all of you (thank-you for coming around to our booth!). Congratulations to our AirPods giveaway winner, we hope you are enjoying them:


QUEST 2019 is officially one month away (it takes place from the 13-17th of May in Chicago, Illinois) and as Bronze Sponsors we could not be more excited! It is our second time sponsoring this fantastic Quality Engineered Software and Testing Conference & Expo, and this year we want to meet you!

If you’re new to performance or automated testing you may be wondering: what is QUEST? 

The QUEST Conference & Expo is an incredible opportunity to learn more about the new technologies and methods for Quality Engineered Software and Testing. At QUEST, you can find out more about topics like Agile, Automation, DevOps, Performance Testing, Quality Assurance Testing, and much more. You can check out the full schedule at their website here. For a full week, professionals (think thought leaders, innovative practitioners, and much more) from all over North America will be leading discussion groups, giving sessions, workshops, tutorials, and networking. It is the ideal opportunity for you to brainstorm and share ideas, ask questions, and build up your knowledge in general.

“Let your quest to build, test, and deliver quality software begin with QUEST 2019.”

This year, we have the pleasure of presenting an EXPO Talk at QUEST 2019. Come find out more about Testing in the Real World!

Here’s an sneak peak of what you can expect:

“Poor performance impacts quality, cost and customer confidence. Performance testing must be incorporated throughout the entire software development lifecycle. Today’s software is increasingly more complex and it is no longer sufficient to treat performance testing as a final checkbox before promoting hundreds or thousands of hours of work to production. To succeed today every organization, regardless of their industry or end user, must design a real-world feedback loop and implement the tools and processes that can analyze data points and turn them into actionable insights. Join us as we share our lessons learned and get your valuable insights.”

As second time QUEST sponsors, we love the networking opportunity that QUEST provides for us as a quality assurance company. We loved it so much that this year we became Bronze Sponsors. Sponsoring conferences is very important to us because it provides the perfect opportunity for us to meet you! For us, QUEST provides an environment filled with like-minded individuals with the same interests as us. By focusing on quality, performance, and user experience, it allows us to reach out to similar minded people and share ideas as well as resources and services. And because we love meeting similar minded people, we will be giving away a very cool prize on Thursday to one of our special visitors (during the Expo Reception) so make sure to come say hi! Maybe you will be the lucky winner.

Our booth will look something like this, so we will be hard to miss!


You can take the opportunity to learn more about Sponsoring Conferences and why we do it here to understand a little better why we find it so important.

Not convinced whether QUEST 2019 is the perfect conference fit for you? Check out our article on how to choose, and make the best of, a conference here.

We hope to see you soon!

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