Neotys Case Study

Testing a New SIS Platform Prior to Enrollment (Fulton County School System)

Fulton County School System Uses Total Performance Consulting & NeoLoad

The Fulton team was ready for a change, and needed to move their SIS platform to an SaaS based one; their main goal was to make sure the new platform could handle the dimension of their school district. The testing and migration had to be completed in July, just in time for the next school year.

The Fulton team trusted Total Performance Consulting (an Atlanta based software testing firm) as their services partner, and NeoLoad as their load testing tool.

Their main concern was to find out how many users the system could scale to before reaching capacity, and their target was 2,000 users.

With 100+ years of expertise on our team and world-class software, we were able to prepare and improve the system for the new school year.

The simulations that we ran were not able to hit that point, and their system was unfortunately running short. We detected a critical issue with data entry and calls, which created a constraint on how the queries were invoked.

During the Endurance test with 500 users we were able to notice a failure on the system after 8 hours of testing. High transaction response times were observed due a DB problem. The system stopped accepting new requests and current ones were delayed.

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