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At Total Performance Consulting we are driven by a passion for quality and a desire to help companies of all sizes succeed. For over 10 years we’ve been eating, sleeping, and breathing software quality assurance while helping companies across all verticals and with projects of all sizes scale to meet the demands of their customers. 

3 out of 5 IT projects fail initially, largely due to poor QA testing during development.


53% of mobile site visitors will leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load – AkamaiThe State of Online Retail Performance’

Today’s competition is fiercer than ever and you need to ensure your application’s speed and compatibility in order to provide a flawless user experience regardless of their. Total Performance Consulting strives to help our customers reduce costs, increase coverage, and fully understand their performance and scalability. We employ the latest tools and methods like Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery Testing (CI/CD testing) to help you ‘shift left’ so that you can test sooner and faster in order to find issues well before your customers do.



Our QA Testing Services

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Performance Testing

Our load and performance testing experts will use the best tools and methodologies to ensure you website can handle large loads during times of peak traffic. Our load testing solutions can help you test your websites, mobile applications, and IoT devices. Need to load test from the cloud? No problem. We have been utilizing cloud testing services since the beginning. Don’t lose customers to slow pages, or crashing applications.

Functional Testing

Whether you need specific skills to augment your existing software quality assurance team, or you need help with the entire functional testing process. Our skilled experts main concern is making sure your applications are in top working order, and deliver the best user experience possible. Our QA software testing experts can assist with a wide variety of services, including browser compatibility testing, manual mobile device testing, QA process improvement, and many other services. Need a dedicated team? We can have a team of test experts ready for you at any time.

Mobile Testing

Utilizing our powerful automation framework and device lab, we can provide expert testing services for both your mobile app and web applications. We can help with both functional testing and load testing for your mobile applications.  You will sleep better at night knowing your application has been tested on all the popular devices and operating systems.

Automated Testing

Test smarter. We bring that philosophy to Test Automation. We help you test faster, increase test coverage, increase product quality and allow your highly skilled people to do what they do best. We understand automation testing has greater value when you can test sooner. Enter Continuous Integration/ Continuous Development Testing (CI/CD testing). We were helping our customers deploy CI/CD before it had a fancy acronym. We can introduce you to TIM (Testing In Motion); our test automation framework. TIM is helping QA organizations around the world automate thousands of test cases. The best part is that TIM never gets tired or goes on break. He can test 24x7.

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