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TPC provides performance engineering and load testing services that improve software performance, save you money, and increase your customer satisfaction. The problem is easy to recognize: Slow load times can plague the success of your site – all it takes is just a few tenths of a second to have a negative impact on conversion and result in revenue loss. 


How TPC Approaches Load Testing

Software scalability testing allows you to know if your system can meet and exceed your key business performance criteria with just the right amount of hardware. Not too much, not too little – just right.

TPC’s team of highly experienced performance engineers can help you determine key performance indicators for your websites, mobile apps, APIs and IoT devices and then test to those exact specifications.

Load Testing Benefits

Defining KPIs and Workload Models

STEP ONE – The first step to improving your system’s performance is to identify and define the most important drivers of success, often known as your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

STEP TWO – Once we’ve collectively defined the KPIs, we design the workloads that will be executed. Workloads are the user actions that need to be simulated (such as the number of users, orders processed, videos downloaded, ads served or any number of other actions) to accurately model user behavior.

We provide scalability testing for all sizes and needs.

STEP THREE – Knowing the workloads will allow you to define performance targets that fall in line with your SLAs: throughput, response time, download completion or any number of performance targets that you define.

Getting Started

We start by simulating each workload and applying varying degrees of variability to identify bottlenecks that impact performance and revenue. KPIs are measured throughout each step and we begin to gain insight into how users are experiencing your site or application and why the experience may not be optimal.

Within just one test, we can isolate issues such as uncompressed images being served up, incorrect use of a CDN, poor database configuration, or any number of unwanted issues.

Test, Tune, Repeat

As we discover and fix issues we continuously test to identify the tangible impact of our efforts and uncover new issues along the way. Throughout this process, we’ll improve your customers’ experience thereby improving conversions, concurrent sessions, revenue generation, digitally adding bunny ears to your selfies, or whatever your goal might be. 

Load testing is a process, not a procedure.

Continuous Integration

Software Performance Testing is also continuous, meaning that so long as your website, app, APIs or IoT devices are updated, so is the need to test it.

Our experienced performance engineers specialize in building performance software testing into your SDLC. Continuous integration testing allows you to identify negative performance impact within a day or less if a change is made to your committed code.


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Analysis includes understanding the KPIs that matter most and how to model tests that match those KPIs. Analysis is something that is done continuously to ensure that the workload is continuing to match your user’s needs and we are always looking for ways to optimize the user experience to maximize revenue.


We match the right tool to the right job. There is no one tool that matches everyone. We do a thorough analysis to ensure we are selecting the best tool for your needs. The tests are then created that best allow us to simulate the workload and gather the most important metrics for analysis.


This includes executing the test from the proper environment; internal to the network, using cloud resources, various geographic locations, as well as ensuring everything from the firewall, network equipment and CDNs are all ready and configured for load testing.


Reporting is where we suggest how you can improve performance by indicating areas of concern. These can range from optimizing your code, modifying your architecture. Since we build this into a Continuous Integration platform, the reporting piece will continue to feed into the analysis phase to ensure that the entire cycle is running at peak efficiency.

Our Load Testing Tools

Each year performance testing takes on greater importance in software development. At Total Performance Consulting, we are driven to widen our horizons and continually add more tools to our tool belt. We believe that by continuing to educate ourselves about new tool offerings and strategies we can better help our customers reach their performance goals.

Some of the tools we have recently used include Neotys Neoload, Akamai CloudTest, HP LoadRunner, Apache Jmeter, Octoperf, Blazemeter and many more.

Whether you are load testing a Salesforce, Demandware, Oracle, SAP or any other technology platform our combination of tool experience, expertise and creativity in architecting performance strategies allow us to deliver world class services every time.

“Total Performance Consulting helped MHE build out new teams, supplement existing teams, and improve our overall performance testing posture.”


“Each of their team members helped us quickly test and implement new performance testing tools across several development disciplines while streamlining our processes from the moment code was checked-in until the moment it went into production.”


Shane Shelton

Sr. Director, Application Performance and Development Operations, McGraw Hill Education


Our team of experts have helped Fortune 500 companies and more solve their load testing and performance needs. We can provide a lending hand or an entire team of performance professionals to tackle any challenge at any time. 


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