RAUXA Case Study

case study rauxa

Ensuring A Successful Client Campaign Launch

Challenge: With a campaign launch days away, Rauxa needed to ensure their quiz could withstand the traffic from their marketing efforts.
Solution: Deploy Total Performance Consulting to turnaround a load test in less than 24 hours
rauxa case study


This would be the first time the Rauxa team would host a landing page on AWS. They needed to be 100% sure they could support their campaign. If the landing page failed to perform under traffic load, then the entire campaign would be at risk of failing, which would have a damaging impact to Rauca and the Client, and the Client and their users. 

With a few days until launch, they used Total Performance to run several last minute load tests to mimic user scenarios and activity for up to 5,000 users in both the new and old environment. 


This would be the first time the Rauxa team at Total Performance was able to turnaround an OnDemand load test in less than 24 hours.

The tests revealed a few issues, which led to a dramatic contingency plan to move away from the new environment and repurpose an old environment. The Rauxa team got it up and running fast prior to the campaign launch. 

Thanks to testing the landing page ahead of time, Rauxa was able to avoid potential failure and deliver a successful campaign for their client.

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