NeoLoad & CloudTest: What's the Difference?

Scale Performance Testing Across the Entire Organization

With today’s faster releases and shorter development cycles, companies are struggling to keep up with the volume, velocity and variety of their performance testing needs. All too often performance testing remains a highly manual, time-consuming process requiring specialized expertise. QA has become a bottleneck.

NeoLoad’s ease of use and advanced automation make performance testing a team sport so every team can test faster to release faster — everyone from centralized performance engineering experts doing integrated end-to-end testing in a traditional approach to autonomous users testing individual components and APIs in a DevOps environment.

Bottom line: Your teams require less time to do more work, more accurately, with fewer people.


Hybrid SaaS model with simple onboarding

Fast & intuitive recording, no extra installation

Intuitive correlation & variabilization

Friendly script edition
Fast virtual user validation

Quick out-of-the-box monitoring set-up

Easy & fast creation of custom organizational frameworks
Easy to find what you’re looking for


Complex basic installation

More difficult recording, agent installation required

Complex correlation & variabilization

Complex script edition

Slow clip validation

Difficult & time-consuming organizational framework

Complex monitoring set-up

No flag feature — hard to find what you’re looking for

“TPC is uniquely positioned in the industry because our team has vast experience with both the NeoLoad and the CloudTest platforms. We have helped many clients transition to NeoLoad with great success”

Lawrence Nuanez, Director of Professional Services at Total Performance

Business Benefits

total performance consulting

Test Fast to Release Fast

Reduce testing cycles from weeks to days, from days to hours. Drag-and-drop approach avoids time-consuming scripting “by hand.” Automatic updates mean no more rewriting scripts every time code changes. Get more done faster with fewer resources.

total performance consulting

Make Performance a Team Sport

Open up performance testing to all different teams with different skill sets. A standardized platform that’s both easy for non-experts and has enterprise-grade muscle for the experts promotes effective and efficient collaboration and scales performance expertise without adding more experts.

Quality Assurance

Simplify the Transition to DevOps

Complexity is the #1 obstacle to “test early and often.” Simplify testing to empower every team to automate continuous performance testing into their go/no-go decisions every time they check in code — when it’s easier and less expensive to fix problems, before they ever see the light of day.

The NeoLoad Difference

Fast, Reliable Support

  • Create a ticket and get a response in a few hours from a skilled expert
  • Customer support proactively communicates

Easy Implementation

  • Expert level in 3 days of training
  • Thousands of certified NeoLoad resources globally
  • Tasks take an hour vs an entire day

One-click APM Integration

  • One-click APM integration for bi-directional Dynatrace, AppDynamics, & New Relic data for quick analysis & pass/fail automation

Rapid Test Design

  • Simple design for complex scripts
  • Automatic script update
  • One-click functional test reuse (from Tricentis Tosca, Selenium, Ranorex, Worksoft Certify and Tricentis Tosca) as performance tests

Cloud Native

  • Vendor-agnostic to support multi-cloud strategy
  • Native integration with container platforms (Docker, OpenShift, Kubernetes, EKS, AKS, GKE)
  • Integrates with cloud CI tools (GitLab, AWS CodeBuild, etc.)

Native CI Automation

  • Automate performance tests as code in CI pipelines
  • Prebuilt API integrations with Jenkins + other CI servers/tools
  • Unblocks dynamic, parallel load testing in CI through support for Docker/Kubernete

Total Performance Consulting Makes It Easy for You to Migrate

Total Performance Consulting is the best option for helping any CloudTest clients to migrate:

  • TPC has been using the CloudTest product since 2010. We have years of experience and a deep level of understanding of the platform
  • TPC has Neotys certified trainers and service providers. We are a trusted Neotys partner with expert level experience
  • With over 100+ years of combined performance engineering experience on our staff, we understand the challenges and unique requirements for tool migration and service delivery.
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