Performance Architect/Lead

Experience Level: Senior/Lead


  • College diploma or university degree in software engineering or computer science, and/or 5 years equivalent work experience.
  • Minimum 8 years of experience with Performance Engineering with at least 2 years as the lead/architect
  • Minimum 8 years of experience with JMeter or another Load Testing solution
    • Heavy and Custom Scripting o Parameterization
    • Validations
    • Remote Execution
  • Minimum 3 years working C# or equivalent development language
    • Deep understanding of coding and software development
  • Production monitoring experience with tools such as Introscope, Splunk, New Relic or DataDog, Graphana
  • Domain expert on public cloud, distributed system, micro services architecture, and capacity planning
  • Must have experience with requirements gathering, script creation, test execution, results analysis and root cause isolation
  • Experienced in Performance engineering design, implementing, and automating benchmarks
  • Proven experience in performance, scalability analysis, reporting and optimizations
    • Including defining KPIs, workload models, non-functional requirements and Root Cause Analysis
  • Working knowledge of C# is a huge plus
  • Experience with Jenkins and CI/CD
  • Be comfortable working remotely and communicating with a team in a different geographic location
  • Remote position so employee must provide a suitable Internet connection to support working from home.
  • Passion for video games
  • Be comfortable being the lead on a project. This includes project management and resource planning activities.


  • Work closely with development and business stakeholders to develop a comprehensive performance practice
  • Design and implement solutions to evaluate and improve performance and scalability of SaaS / Cloud Native Platform, application, and Infrastructure
  • Root cause analysis of performance and scalability issues and recommend solutions to alleviate these issues
  • Drives research, case studies, and prototypes on leading edge technologies and how they can be leveraged in addressing product scalability bottlenecks
  • Provide technical recommendations for system performance measurement and analysis, and profiling/troubleshooting techniques
  • Delegate and track tasks of performance engineers
  • Review work of performance engineers for whom you are the lead
  • Report to senior management on project status
  • Executing Performance tests, analyzing performance issues, root cause analysis and reporting.
  • Attending all required client meeting
  • Working hours are generally 9AM – 6PM PT

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