Black Friday is coming.. Are your site and apps ready?

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The recent Game Of Thrones incident where the popular HBO streaming service, HBONow, crashed during the long-awaited seventh-season premiere, is just one of the many examples where poor Software Performance comes to light. This is not the first time HBO has experienced performance issues. They have had repeated performance issues going back 3 years. As website and app performance become more critical to customer satisfaction, it’s vital that performance testing is integrated early and often in the software development life cycle.

Another famous meltdown this year was Nordstrom, the Seattle-based department store, whose website crashed on their anniversary sale.  It cost Nordstrom millions of dollars along with scores of paying customers, who patiently shopped for hours adding products to their carts, only to find them empty on checkout. Frustration and disappointment was reflected on social media, as these crashes do not go by quietly. People love to share their disaster stories, thus having a big impact on the companies’ reputation.  

Black Friday is coming. And every year, more and more people turn to online shopping. According to a report put out by Adobe, Black Friday 2016 saw a 21.6% jump in growth year-over-year with mobile up an astounding 33% year over year. What will Black Friday 2017 bring? More growth for sure! Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not sneaking up on anyone anymore; everyone knows it is coming. There is no excuse not to be ready. And while it’s impossible to plan for every eventuality, you can execute performance tests and ensure a great user experience for your customers this holidays and increase your bottom line.

Furthermore, users know they have the power. If they are not happy they can be on a competitor’s website or app in just a few clicks. According to Akamai’s 2016 Holiday Retail Insights Report, the ‘sweet spot’ – the load time that corresponds to peak conversions – was 3.8 seconds in 2014, 2.4 in 2016, and 2.0 seconds in 2016. You don’t have to be a data scientist to see the trend: Fast loading web pages and apps convert to more sales. The same report said that even a 1 second delay impacts bounce rates by up to 50%. So this holiday season don’t be slow. Be ready.

Every year the Black Friday and Cyber Monday opportunities arrive and give companies a brief window to make significant revenue. Yet, every year we see companies make the same mistake – not being ready. Be ready! To push your brand to fame, gain new loyal customers and increase revenue, just for being ready for those thousands or millions of customers to give you their money. This is why performance testing is so important!

Performance Testing, Load Testing, Stress Testing, Test Automation, Quality Assurance Testing, these are some of the services we offer at TPC. Every day, we Test Smarter, incorporating better processes and tools into our services. Our job is to help our customers stay one step ahead.

If you still haven’t load tested your site for the upcoming Black Friday holiday season, and you are reading this, it’s your lucky day. We are offering 20% discount on all Holiday Performance Testing packages. This could be your year! Make sure you are up to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday challenge, give us a call today!

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